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Importation testing

EU-Importation Testing

Importation testing is an important part of pharmaceutical testing offered by contract research organizations based in the EU. Are you planning to market a pharmaceutical product in the European Union that is manufactured outside the EU, then you might know that testing of your product needs to be performed in a cGMP accredited laboratory that is physically located in the European Union.

Synergy Health Utrecht is your ideal partner for importation testing with it’s central location in the Netherlands. Important distribution channels for Europe like Amsterdam Schiphol or Port of Rotterdam are only 50 kilometers from our facility. Synergy Health offers a broad package of testing services to release your product to the market. This can be trough you own Qualified Person or through one of the QP’s Synergy Health has collaborations with. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

Registration of drug product to MOH in Lebanon

In addition to EU importation testing Synergy Health Utrecht offers registration testing for Lebanon. To launch your product in Lebanon the Ministry of Health of Lebanon requires a Certificate of Analyses of your product performed by a WHO prequalified control laboratory like Synergy Health Utrecht.
The route to launch your product requires only a few steps:

  • Signing a mutual CDA/NDA (if required)
  • Sharing your analytical methods and specifications
  • Requesting a quote

Interested what we can do to support your needs, please contact us.