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Epidural anesthesia set,Epidural nerve block kit with epiduralcatheter and gauze, betadine solution on sterile filed,

The safety of medical devices is close to our hearts

Medical device market is very diverse and like pharmaceuticals these products contribute to our quality of life. Diversity of medical devices is enormous as products come in all kinds of forms and shapes. Contact of a medical device with a living creature may be short term or permanent when talking about endoprostheses. Contact come in various ways, i.e. through skin contact, blood, eyes or other ways of body contact between the medical device and human or animal body.

Thorough testing of a medical device is key to meet quality- and safety standards globally.
Synergy Health offers several tests to medical device manufacturers to help them market their products to the market safely.
Offered tests are Ethylene Oxide (EO) residual testing solutions according to ISO 10993-7 to determine EO-residual levels in the product after sterilization by EO processing. Also particulate matter tests according to United States Pharmacopoeia <USP> are offered for medical devices that come in contact with body fluids.

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Tests according to ISO 10993-7 and USP

EO Residual TestISO 10993-7
EBH Residual TestISO 10993-7
ECH Residual TestISO 10993-7
EG Residual TestISO 10993-7
USP <788> (Method I) Light obscuration methodUSP 788