Our History

More than 60 years of experience in pharmaceutical analyses

We at Synergy Health Utrecht can look back at more than 60 years of history in pharmaceutical testing. In this period the world around us has changed and we as an organization evolved with it by continuous improvements on quality and expansions of offered services. Our customers see us as a knowledgeable and reliable partner supporting their supply chain.
Synergy Health Utrecht is an independent Contract Research Organization part of the Normec group (Healthcare) by acquisition since December 2023.

The roots of our organization go back to 1960 when our laboratory was founded as a production laboratory for the Dutch pharmaceutical wholesale organization “Onderlinge Pharmaceutische Groothandel” (OPG).

A few decades later the core activities of our laboratory organization had changed from in process control of samples manufactured at OPG to quality control testing services of preparations for third parties. Preparations compounded in Dutch pharmacies needed to be tested and from that moment a new Contract Research Organisation was created. The name of our laboratory RegiLabs was well known in the Netherlands.

In the decades thereafter volumes on pharmacy preparations decreased due to increased regulatory demands like good manufacturing practice for productions in pharmacies. Then the services offered shifted to commercial pharmaceutical industry on large scale. Customers like pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmaceutical wholesalers and other life sciences companies from the Netherlands and Europe made their entry to our laboratory.

In 2012 the name “RegiLabs” changed into “Synergy Health Utrecht” and until today we are offering our analytical and microbiological analysis services to our customers from all over the world.

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